Am I a Little Bit Pregnant?

This girl is wondering if Missouri Medicaid will pay for her abortion pill.

If the results of your at-home pregnancy test are hard to read, you might be wondering if you’re actually pregnant. A limited obstetrical (OB) ultrasound establishes whether a pregnancy is viable by identifying a heartbeat, determines if the pregnancy is intrauterine (in the uterus), and how far along you are. Liberty Women’s Clinic may be able to offer you a limited first-trimester ultrasound, when appropriate, after a nurse consultation.

This service is free to you and will provide valuable information before you make a decision regarding your pregnancy. If you think you’re pregnant, you need to know for sure. Without these facts, a decision may be made regarding the future of your pregnancy that is unnecessary. 

There are several key items for you to consider at this critical time in your life: 

  1. The certainty of whether or not you are pregnant and if the pregnancy is viable (confirmed through a limited OB ultrasound)
  2. Info about all of the options that are available for you if #1 is confirmed: adoption, parenting, abortion
  3. All of the facts about each of those options
  4. A plan that is right for you – both your current self and your future self. Our professional staff is here to talk with you in a judgment-free environment, both virtually and/or in-person, depending on your situation.

If you feel overwhelmed or isolated, know we can help with each of these steps. Rest assured you are not alone, that help is a text or phone call away, and that accurate medical information about your pregnancy puts you back in control!



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