How Can I Help My Pregnant Partner to Stay Healthy During Her Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a physically demanding time for the mother’s body, and your desire to help your partner stay healthy will mean the world to her right now. While it can be difficult to know exactly how to support your partner’s health, this article will offer tips. Iif you and your partner are looking for […]

Building Bridges: Supporting Your Ex-Partner’s Pregnancy Journey

If you and your partner are no longer together, it can be difficult to know how to support her during pregnancy—especially if you two aren’t on the best terms. However, showing your ex-partner that you’re there to support her is essential. This article will explore ways you can support your ex-partner during pregnancy. But if […]

5 Tips on How to Support Your Pregnant Partner

Even if your partner is the one who’s pregnant, you’re likely wondering how you’ll both move forward. Perhaps this was an unexpected pregnancy, and you’re unsure how to support her. The good news is there are ways to help your partner during this time, and you don’t have to figure things out alone. Liberty Women’s […]

As the Partner, What Role Should I Play in Making Decisions About the Pregnancy?

You may question the role you play during your partner’s pregnancy, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected or unplanned. After all, you don’t want to overstep, but you’re likely interested in supporting your partner and making big decisions together. First, remind yourself that your partner has the final say because this is her pregnancy. But […]

What Can Guys Do with an Unexpected Pregnancy?

In some circumstances, men may feel uncertain about their level of involvement during pregnancy. If this applies to you, these feelings are understandable. You may worry about breaking a boundary, upsetting your partner, or being afraid to voice a concern. If you have a healthy relationship with your partner and she feels comfortable, you can […]

Do I Have to Tell My Partner I’m Pregnant If I Don’t Want to Be With Them Anymore?

Anxiety. Stress. Worry for the future. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely feeling all these emotions and more. Being unsure if you want to stay with your partner can make these emotions even more overwhelming. In the midst of it all, you might be wondering if you should tell your partner you’re pregnant. […]

How Can I Be Emotionally Supportive During My Girlfriend’s Pregnancy?

As the boyfriend, you may struggle during your girlfriend’s pregnancy. There are a number of ways you can be supportive of your partner during this time. It’s important to recognize that an unexpected pregnancy can create feelings of both stress and fear. You may also be worried about the future or wondering which pregnancy option […]

What Can I Do if My Partner Doesn’t Support My Pregnancy?

An unexpected pregnancy can invite numerous questions about your partner’s level of involvement. You may find they are supportive during the decision-making process or wish to be uninvolved. If your partner is unsupportive of your pregnancy, recognize that this is a reflection on their part. They may feel overwhelmed or unsure about what lies ahead. […]

What Can I Do if I’m Afraid of Giving Birth?

Understandably, you may be worried about giving birth, especially if this is your first pregnancy. You may have heard concerning things from loved ones about their birth experience or don’t know what to expect.  First, know that everyone’s birth experience is different. No two are alike, and childbirth varies based on your unique situation, pre-existing […]

STI Testing Accuracy: How Accurate Are STI Tests?

There can be lots of uncertainty if you find yourself with STI-related symptoms. You may wonder about the accuracy of available tests and the likelihood of successful treatment. Liberty Women’s Clinic can help you with answers to your questions about STIs.  STI testing is accurate when performed correctly and can be in various settings, including […]

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