Do I Need to Be 18 to Order the Abortion Pill?

Deciding what to do when facing an unintended pregnancy can be incredibly challenging at any age, and this choice can be especially hard for young women. If you’re a minor making a choice about what to do with a potential pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions. The good news is, you’re in the […]

I’m too young to have a baby!

‘I’m too young to be pregnant!’ might have been the first thing that popped into your head as you stared at a positive pregnancy test in your hand. You may be feeling inexperienced, unprepared, or worried about how a baby fits into your future work or school plans. The father of your baby may no […]

I’m too old for another baby!

“I can’t afford a baby.” “My life is really unstable right now.” “Another child would make things too hard.” “I’m too old to start over with another baby.”  We hear clients share these same thoughts frequently. Women come to us facing an overwhelming number of hurdles when they discover they’re unexpectedly pregnant. Often, another pregnancy […]

Will My Insurance Pay for My Girlfriend’s Abortion Pill?

Your girlfriend is pregnant, and you immediately launch into panic mode — “What are we going to do?” or “There’s no way I can afford a baby!” While it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed in the situation you’re in, take a deep breath and remember you’re not alone! The great news is, there are plenty […]

Pregnancy Center Myths and Facts

There are many myths and facts surrounding what a pregnancy medical clinic like Liberty Women’s Clinic does – or doesn’t do. The best way to understand what we do every day is to confront these facts with straight-forward answers. Myth: Pregnancy medical clinics are only interested in “saving the baby.” Fact: At LWC we are […]

Limited OB Ultrasound FAQ

Free Ultrasounds Liberty Women’s Clinic offers all services free of charge, including limited OB ultrasounds. One of the most important things you can do when you become pregnant is to receive an ultrasound exam to confirm the viability (living, progressing) of your pregnancy. A Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound, or limited OB ultrasound for short, can provide […]

What Is Abortion Pill Reversal?

Abortion Pill Reversal Is Possible Abortion pills may seem like the easy answer to an unplanned pregnancy: take a combination of two drugs and end your pregnancy. Other names for this type of abortion are self-managed abortion, at-home abortion, or self-induced abortion.  But what if you take the first of the two drugs and then […]

Am I a Little Bit Pregnant?

If the results of your at-home pregnancy test are hard to read, you might be wondering if you’re actually pregnant. A limited obstetrical (OB) ultrasound establishes whether a pregnancy is viable by identifying a heartbeat, determines if the pregnancy is intrauterine (in the uterus), and how far along you are. Liberty Women’s Clinic may be […]

High School and STIs

Are you a high school student studying from home this school year? Are you spending more time with your boyfriend and think you might have an STI? Learn why it’s crucial for women to have their STIs treated, and how LWC provides free limited STI testing and medication for you and your partner(s). What is […]

Will Missouri Medicaid Pay for the Abortion Pill?

An unplanned pregnancy for some women might mean adjusting the budget a bit and making a few life changes to account for a new addition to the family. However, for others, an unplanned pregnancy seems to only mean one thing — an unplanned abortion. Without health insurance and the means to care for a child, […]

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