Building Bridges: Supporting Your Ex-Partner’s Pregnancy Journey

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If you and your partner are no longer together, it can be difficult to know how to support her during pregnancy—especially if you two aren’t on the best terms. However, showing your ex-partner that you’re there to support her is essential.

This article will explore ways you can support your ex-partner during pregnancy. But if you’d like to talk to someone in person about your impending fatherhood or anything else, contact us today to learn about our free men’s resources.

Let Her Know You’re There for Her

You can still have a relationship even if you’re no longer romantically involved with this woman. This idea might feel impossible if you aren’t on the best terms right now, but developing a friendship will be especially important once the baby arrives since you will need to learn to co-parent.

Being there for your ex-partner during pregnancy will look different, depending on your current relationship dynamic. If you two are friends, you can let her know you’re there for her by attending doctor appointments and listening to whatever she’s experiencing.

If you don’t get along, simply offering to attend appointments and asking how she’s doing are respectful ways to show your support.

Show Your Commitment to the Pregnancy

It’s important to show that you’re still committed to the pregnancy, even if you’re not committed to each other. You can do this by offering to help pay for the essential items (like diapers, wipes, furniture, etc.) she’ll need once the baby arrives. You can also offer to help get things established for the baby’s arrival (like putting together baby furniture).

Another way to show commitment to the pregnancy is to talk to your ex-partner now about what co-parenting might look like once the baby is born. However, if you aren’t on good terms, and this idea is too stressful, waiting until the baby is born and/or meeting together with a counselor can be a productive path instead.

You’re Not Alone

Determining how you fit into the pregnancy picture when you are no longer with your partner can feel overwhelming. But you’re not alone as you navigate the situation.

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