How Can I Be Emotionally Supportive During My Girlfriend’s Pregnancy?

boyfriend curious about how to support her pregnant girlfriend emotionally

As the boyfriend, you may struggle during your girlfriend’s pregnancy. There are a number of ways you can be supportive of your partner during this time.

It’s important to recognize that an unexpected pregnancy can create feelings of both stress and fear. You may also be worried about the future or wondering which pregnancy option she’ll choose. Below are some ways you can help.

1. Take Care of Yourself

As you determine how to help your girlfriend, it is important to process your own emotions regarding this pregnancy. Take time to care for yourself and share with others in your support network how you are feeling.

2. Provide a Listening Ear

Educate yourself about the different pregnancy options so you can help support your girlfriend in the decision-making process.

Regardless of where your girlfriend is at in the decision making process, be available to remain alongside her while offering a listening ear and advice when asked.

3. Acknowledge Your Responsibilities

If your girlfriend chooses parenting, understand that you also play a critical role in caring for your child. Taking parenting classes, researching pregnancy and childbirth, and being a supportive person throughout the pregnancy and beyond are vitally important. You are an important person in your girlfriend’s life.  Your support is crucial, even if it seems your partner is indifferent to your efforts.  Keep working together, even when it is difficult.

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Emotional support can also come in the form of practical help. Liberty Women’s Clinic can provide some services you and your girlfriend might need.

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