How Can I Be Emotionally Supportive During My Partner’s Pregnancy?

 How can I be emotionally supportive during my girlfriend's pregnancy?

If your partner is facing an unexpected pregnancy, your support will mean the world to her right now and help ensure she can take confident steps forward during this turbulent time.

You’re probably wondering how best to advocate for her. While there are many ways to encourage her, being deliberate in a few areas will be beneficial to you both.



Be an Active Listener

Facing an unexpected pregnancy could make your partner feel overwhelmed, but actively listening to what she’s going through will help her feel supported.

Active listening goes beyond just hearing what she says. It is about helping your partner work through her thoughts and feelings.

The following strategies can help you actively listen:

  • Listen without distraction. When your partner talks, listen to her without looking away (at a TV, phone, etc.).
  • Respond with summary statements. After your partner shares what she’s thinking and feeling, summarizing her words can help her feel heard and understood.
  • Ask her follow-up questions. For example, if your partner says she’s feeling anxious, you can ask her to pinpoint what makes her feel anxious. This invites her to process her emotions verbally.

Help Her Get What She Needs

Another essential way to ensure your partner feels supported is to help her get what she needs for the pregnancy—whether that’s aiding her research about next steps, purchasing vitamins, scheduling pregnancy services and doctor’s visits, providing transportation, etc.

At Liberty Women’s Clinic, we provide free pregnancy services, resources, and information to help your partner have what she needs to stay healthy.

Your support is essential—but you two aren’t alone. We’re here to help. Encourage your partner to contact us today to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a nurse today, or call/text us at 816-415-9415.

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