How to Make a Decision About Pregnancy

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You think you might be pregnant, but positive that you don’t want to be. If you are pregnant, it feels devastating. Maybe you have plans to go to college, or finances are tight, maybe your relationship is rocky. It could be all the above. It may also be none of the above and you’re just not ready to have a baby. 

It’s easy to react with our gut and rush into a decision. But, it’s healthier to respond to our situation rather than our emotions. When we react to our situation and rush to a solution, we tend to make poor decisions.   

So, how do you make a good decision? 

  1. Find out if you are actually pregnant! Pregnancy tests are not a diagnosis of pregnancy. You need a sonogram to learn if the pregnancy is viable and to know how far along you are in your pregnancy. Liberty Women’s Clinic offers free lab–quality urine pregnancy testing, and limited OB sonograms. 
  2. Slow down. You have time to make a decision. Listen to facts, as your feelings often can misguide you. Seek out good, unbiased guidance. Do your research. Make a list of pros and cons. 
  3. Do you understand all of your pregnancy options and the associated benefits and risks? Thoughtful guidance provided by educated individuals can help you navigate the decision-making process. You need to understand all the risks and benefits of each of your options: parenting, abortion, and adoption.    
  4. Before an abortion, have you researched the doctor, clinic, and the associated risks to the procedure so you can make a healthy and informed decision? 
  5. Are you aware of the medical and social assistance available to you if you choose to parent?
  6. Do you know what to do if you change your mind at any point during your  pregnancy? Making the best choice is a process. It is essential to have someone that can listen, ask good questions, and help you formulate a flexible plan.
  7. Do you have a plan to tell those around you that you are pregnant? You need a support system regardless of your decision. 

Liberty Women’s Clinic is a safe and confidential medical clinic that offers free resources to help you navigate your pregnancy and the decisions that lay ahead of you. Call/text us today to book a nurse consultation now. 

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