How Do I Place My Child for Adoption In Missouri?

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Placing your unborn baby for adoption is another way to parent. Your role as birth parent will never change. You will always be a part of your child’s life story.

Only you know the many reasons you’re considering adoption. Perhaps you think an adoptive family could give your unborn baby the future you cannot. Or, maybe you realize your living situation isn’t safe for your child. Whatever your reasons, you are thinking about what may be best for you and the future of your child.

Make your individual adoption plan

An adoption plan can and should be custom-fit to your unique needs. Begin the process by talking with a reputable specialist. Choose to work with an adoption lawyer for a private adoption or an agency.

Many plans today are for an open adoption where both the adoptive family and the birth family exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, and email.

Choose the adoptive family

You can choose an adoptive couple from Missouri or any other state. Trust is extremely important in the process. As the birth mom, you choose the type of couple that most closely resembles the lifestyle you want for your child. Choose a family you can connect with emotionally.

Answers to common adoption questions

What does it mean to terminate parental rights?

Termination of parental rights means you are consent to place your child with an adoptive family. You are not “co-parenting.” Legal adoptions permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities from the biological parent(s) to the adoptive family.

In Missouri, birth parents cannot voluntarily terminate their parental rights until 48 hours after the birth of their baby. This allows time to consider whether this is still the right choice for your child.

What does consent mean?

For protection, one or both birth parent(s) must give permission before a child is legally placed with another family. In Missouri, unless it can be proven that the birth parent was forced to place their child for adoption, the birth parents are not allowed to reverse consent.

It is a binding agreement.

What if the birth father is no longer involved?

Missouri has what is called a putative father registry. It is a record of the names and addresses of men who believe they are fathers. A man needs to put his name on the registry before paternity can be established. This will allow him to be contacted to give or deny consent to the child’s adoption.

Birth father’s rights in Missouri adoption laws are extremely complicated. It is usually handled case by case. Even if he denies consent for the adoption, it doesn’t mean you can’t still go through with it.

Can I get paid for choosing adoption?

It is illegal in all states for someone to give money in exchange for giving consent to an adoption.

Missouri does allow adoptive families to pay for certain pregnancy-related expenses. This can include prenatal and hospital medical care, counseling, legal costs, and certain living expenses. It varies depending on the mother’s needs. Missouri prevents adoptive parents from paying any expenses deemed unreasonable by the courts.

Is adoption right for you?

It’s very difficult to make such an important and life-changing decision without getting as much guidance and support as possible. If you’d like to discuss adoption as a possible next step for your pregnancy or be referred to a list of agencies, schedule a free nurse consultation today. We are here to listen.

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