How to tell your boyfriend or parents you are pregnant

Positive Pregnancy Test

You’re standing by yourself, holding onto a pregnancy test that reads “positive.” As the reality of the test result takes over, you begin to feel overwhelmed by emotions. Fear, excitement, shock, sadness, shame, happiness. In an instant, your life has changed in a big way. Now, how do you share the news with those closest to you?

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At Liberty Women’s Clinic, we recommend taking time to process the pregnancy. It is such a huge change and can feel overwhelming. No matter what you are feeling, remember that you are not alone and there are many resources to help support and encourage you.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Are Pregnant

If your partner was not aware you could be pregnant, it is usually best to share the news with them. It can feel daunting to tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant, especially if you aren’t feeling ready to be a parent yourself. If you are worried about how they will respond, know they are probably as nervous as you.

Remember to take the news one step at a time, and talk to your partner in person, if possible. It is okay if you don’t have all your next steps mapped out; for now, just focus on sharing the news. If you feel that your partner is not as supportive or understanding as you had hoped, you can reach out to one of our Client Advocates. Their role is to help encourage and support you in the ways most helpful for you.

How to Tell Your Parent You Are Pregnant

Sometimes the people we are most afraid to share the news with are our parents. Questions like, “What will they think or say? Will they support me or throw me out? Are they going to be mad at me?” will run wild in your head. But if your parents are important people in your life, no matter their reaction, you will want to share the news with them in a safe place and at an appropriate time. Talking with them in person may be best, even if you feel like you won’t be immediately supported. 

Many times, fear may keep us from having open and honest conversations. So, even if you feel anxious about how others will respond, we encourage you to take that first step! 

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