I’m too old for another baby!

“I can’t afford a baby.” “My life is really unstable right now.” “Another child would make things too hard.” “I’m too old to start over with another baby.” 

We hear clients share these same thoughts frequently. Women come to us facing an overwhelming number of hurdles when they discover they’re unexpectedly pregnant. Often, another pregnancy seems impossible because children are already in the home, or the baby’s father is no longer in the picture. Many of our clients face homelessness, unsteady income, or recent job loss due to COVID-19 closures. Some live with an abusive partner and they feel powerless, or they may feel like having a baby in an unsafe relationship would endanger both of them. The future can seem even more difficult when an unplanned pregnancy is added to the mix. 

If this sounds like your story, our staff would love to talk with you. All of our services are free and don’t require insurance. We will listen with open ears and a compassionate heart to your experience. Then, we will try to find resources to assist you. While we do not refer for or perform abortions, we will openly discuss every option available to you for an unexpected pregnancy. Our nurses may offer you a limited OB ultrasound and STI screening, counseling and treatment if needed. 

If the future with an unplanned pregnancy seems uncertain because of your current situation, know that there is hope. We are here as a resource for you and your family during this unsettled time.

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