Limited OB Ultrasound FAQ

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Free Ultrasounds

Liberty Women’s Clinic offers all services free of charge, including limited OB ultrasounds. One of the most important things you can do when you become pregnant is to receive an ultrasound exam to confirm the viability (living, progressing) of your pregnancy. A Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound, or limited OB ultrasound for short, can provide this vital information about your pregnancy. If your pregnancy test result was positive and an LWC nurse offered you an ultrasound after your consultation, our staff will schedule your ultrasound appointment on the appropriate date.

What Are Ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are pain-free medical procedures that use sound waves to look inside your body. With specialized equipment, a trained sonographer can see into your body and gain important information about your pregnancy.

What Does “Limited” Mean?

What is the “limited” part of a limited ultrasound? Ultrasounds are very powerful tools and can be used to find a wide variety of information. In a limited OB ultrasound, we focus on providing answers to three  simple but important questions:

  1. Is the pregnancy inside the uterus?
  2. Can we see a  fetal heartbeat?
  3. How far along are you? 

A limited ultrasound exam is not designed to be a full medical evaluation. Instead, it is meant to provide answers to these three basic questions in the early stages of pregnancy. Getting an ultrasound is a crucial step, as it can tell you whether your pregnancy is viable, or whether you may have a dangerous ectopic pregnancy located outside the uterus. In addition, understanding how far along you are in your pregnancy is vital if you are considering abortion.

Once you have your ultrasound results, you’ll be better informed to answer critical questions about your pregnancy, such as:

What pregnancy options are available?

How developed is your baby inside you?

Do you need additional help, support, or counseling for your next steps?

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