Pregnancy Center Myths and Facts

There are many myths and facts surrounding what a pregnancy medical clinic like Liberty Women’s Clinic does – or doesn’t do. The best way to understand what we do every day is to confront these facts with straight-forward answers.

Myth: Pregnancy medical clinics are only interested in “saving the baby.”

Fact: At LWC we are pro-woman. One of our main reasons to work with each mother is to help her look at all of her options so she is empowered to make a choice she can live with. We know that all three options (parenting, adoption, and abortion) carry with them long-term consequences. Our client has a decision to make, and we endeavor to assure that she has complete information to make that decision.


Myth: Once the mother’s decision is made, pregnancy clinics abandon her.

Fact: Regardless of the option that an expecting woman makes, LWC has follow-through programs for her.

* For the woman who chooses to parent, we offer support and connection to resources/programs throughout her pregnancy, not as a substitute, but as a supplement to her prenatal care

* If a woman chooses to make an adoption plan for her child, we offer her referrals to adoption agencies. In addition, we are available to assist her through the duration of the pregnancy and help her make the adjustments needed after her baby is placed.

* If a client chooses to abort, she leaves our clinic knowing that she is always welcome to return for abortion recovery referrals, future pregnancy, or STI/STD services.


Myth: Crisis pregnancy centers are fake health clinics.

Fact: LWC is dedicated to offering quality medical services in compliance with all regulations and best practices.

* All medical service policies and procedures are reviewed and approved by our Medical Director and Board of Directors.

* Every medical test, procedure or treatment is approved by our Medical Director, a licensed and board-certified OB/GYN in Liberty, MO, and he reviews every ultrasound exam.

* The day-to-day oversight of our medical services is under the watchful eye of our Clinic Director, an R.N., M.S.N. who has spent many years working in healthcare.

* Every sonographer is either a practicing registered diagnostic medical sonographer or she is a registered nurse fully trained in Limited Obstetric Ultrasound, including 75 scans supervised by a qualified medical professional.

* LWC  nurses have trained in specialties like OB/Gyn., Labor & Delivery, and Medical/Surgical care. .


Myth: Pro-Life women’s clinics use high-pressure tactics along with shame and lies to emotionally blindside their clients.

Fact: Tools like shame, lies, fear and manipulation come from a place of darkness. At LWC we believe  that the way to empower women is with truth wrapped in grace, encouragement, hope, and practical help all offered with compassion. LWC is a judgment-free zone where we listen; offer options grounded in evidence-based medical information; listen some more; offer medical services, referrals, and material aid; and then listen some more. The final decision belongs with the client, but she leaves knowing that she is loved and is not alone.


Myth: The people on the sidewalk outside of abortion facilities are recruited and deployed by PMCs.

Fact: People on the sidewalks outside of abortion facilities are there for many reasons and are there either on their own or representing a number of pro-life activist organizations. Some have political motives (change the laws), others have compassionate motives (pray and rescue moms and babies), and some are trying to convince women through graphic signs and harsh messages to make a life decision. Some may use methods and messages that actually damage the reputations and efforts of pregnancy resource centers. None of them are recruited by or represent LWC.


You are in charge of your own health. It’s important that you get the answers you need without relying on someone else to tell you what they believe about the services that you are looking into.

Be in control. Research your options. Get the facts and not the myths!  You could start by simply talking to us. No judgment. No agenda. No pressure. Just a friend to listen to your concerns and offer you support.

Article first published by Advice & Aid 

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