Pregnancy Choices

Here is a girl wondering if insurance will pay for the abortion pill

Your whole life you’ve heard “you can do it!” So why does this surprise pregnancy feel like such a hurdle, such an impossibility that will derail your life? Take a minute to calm your feelings. It is normal to feel complicated and conflicting emotions.

Our nurses and staff talk every week with women who feel their goals, dreams and ambitions will melt away because of an unplanned pregnancy. It may seem like people who depend on you or support you will do the same. You are afraid your biggest cheerleaders will become disappointed in you. You may feel like a failure for getting pregnant. An abortion seems like a quick fix to get your life back to normal.

LWC is here to talk with you about these feelings and situations. You are not alone, and you certainly are not a disappointing failure. You are a strong woman with the ability to make choices about your health and pregnancy. We will listen to your experience without judgement and can suggest resources and tools so you are set up for success. We can provide clear information about your options and will be here for you regardless of your choice.

It can be hard to take action when you’re scared. If you’d like to talk to us, it starts with a private, confidential nurse consultation at a time convenient to you. After that, you can schedule an in-person visit for a variety of our free services. We are here to help you and let you know that you can do this!

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You will never have this day again, so make it count.