What Can Guys Do with an Unexpected Pregnancy?

pregnant woman curious about what can guys do with unexpected pregnancy

In some circumstances, men may feel uncertain about their level of involvement during pregnancy. If this applies to you, these feelings are understandable. You may worry about breaking a boundary, upsetting your partner, or being afraid to voice a concern.

If you have a healthy relationship with your partner and she feels comfortable, you can play a crucial role in this process. If this pregnancy is unexpected, you may have the opportunity to make a decision together.

Understanding Your Role

Whether or not you are in a relationship with your partner, taking accountability for your actions shows maturity. You may have reacted with fear, shock, or even anger when the pregnancy news was shared. Take some time to process your feelings and seek help when needed.

When you and your partner are ready, have a thoughtful conversation about your role in the decision-making process. Is your partner comfortable with you attending appointments, learning about options with her, and even deciding together? Are there certain boundaries or expectations she has for you? Understanding her expectations and hopes will help you in opening communication and lending support.

Moving Forward

You may be feeling overwhelmed during this time. Remember to prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Speaking to a professional may also help if you are anxious about the pregnancy. They can suggest coping tools and self-care activities. You deserve support.

Talking with loved ones, like a trusted family or friend, can also help you express your feelings. You may face judgment or unsolicited advice from those you care about. Their intentions may be in the right place, but ultimately, this is your situation.

Establish an open dialogue with your partner. If you make a pregnancy decision together, ensure that it is well-researched and that you both thoroughly understand abortion, adoption, and parenting. This is a significant life event that should be taken seriously.

How We Can Help

Liberty Women’s Clinic provides services for those facing unexpected pregnancies.

Your partner can schedule an appointment today to meet with a nurse at our clinic for a free and confidential consultation. We also have resources for you, too.

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