What to expect during a limited OB ultrasound

Ultrasound Room

What is a limited OB ultrasound?

After a nurse consultation and positive pregnancy test results, our staff may offer a free limited OB ultrasound exam at our clinic. 

During this exam, our staff focuses on three questions: 

  1. Do we see a pregnancy inside your uterus? 
  2. Do we see a heartbeat we can measure? 
  3. How far along are you (by measuring the pregnancy itself)?

Gathering this information through an ultrasound allows our Medical Director to then confirm a viable pregnancy.

What are some reasons to have an OB ultrasound?

  • To confirm a viable pregnancy and its location in the uterus. A pregnancy located outside the uterus can cause medical complications and cannot be remedied with abortion pills or procedures.
  • To check your baby’s movement and monitor for a stable heart rate.

Is having an ultrasound a high risk?

No, because sound waves are used to conduct ultrasounds, it is safe for both you and your baby, with minimal risk.

What happens after a limited OB ultrasound?

After a free ultrasound at Liberty Women’s Clinic, our staff can discuss all your options with you. Will you continue the pregnancy, place for adoption, parent, or consider abortion? Our team is here in partnership. Contact us today for our free services.

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