Abortion Recovery

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Abortion Regret

If you regret your abortion, you are not alone. Abortion was supposed to be a quick fix, the only way to keep your life on track, but the memories won’t stay buried. You made your choice, but you had no idea how that choice would affect you. 

Signs of Abortion Regret

Maybe you suffer from depression, eating disorders, or an increase in drug or alcohol use. Do you have thoughts of suicide, difficulty sleeping, flashbacks, or a loss of self-esteem? Do you avoid conversations or television programs that deal with abortion or feel uncomfortable around pregnant women? Are your relationships suffering? All these can be common after-effects of an abortion experience.

You may feel alone, that no one will understand what you’re going through, but we can help.

How We Assist with Abortion Recovery

We offer a non-judgmental environment in which you can begin the healing process. We will support you as you seek to understand the circumstances, thoughts, and emotions that surrounded your abortion(s). We provide a safe place, to be honest with yourself about your experience and the impact it has had on your life.

Abortion Recovery Group

Our client advocates can connect you with a local, private abortion recovery group so you can learn to forgive yourself and begin a new stage of life. Not ready to talk with someone? Read a recent blog post discussing more abortion recovery.

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