Pregnant in an Abusive Relationship

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

On the outside, everything looks charming and fun. But is the inside of your relationship hurtful and controlling?

How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship?

It might be if you are physically intimidated, verbally insulted or demeaned, not allowed to control your own finances or decisions, or have been slowly cut off from friends and family that care about you. Are you pregnant and afraid to bring a baby into this environment? If an abortion feels like your only option, keep reading.

There Is a Better Life Waiting

We’re here to remind you that there is life outside of the relationship that’s harming you. Unintended pregnancies in turbulent relationships seem like a crisis. Women can feel they have lost control over their lives and choices. However, you may come to see your pregnancy as the starting point to regaining power and control in your life.

We Offer Free Pregnancy Services

If you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy and are dealing with the hardship of an abusive relationship, please contact us. We can help you process your choices in a safe place and refer you to other resources that specialize in abusive relationships. We begin with an appointment for you to receive a free virtual nurse consultation to discuss your health and current situation. Together with the nurse, you’ll decide if an in-person appointment for free pregnancy confirmation and/or STI testing is the next best step for you. 

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LWC offers kind and confidential care during what can be a very difficult time. You aren’t alone, although your abusive relationship may make it seem that way. Let our professional staff come alongside you as you make an informed pregnancy decision.

Contact us today so you can start reclaiming your life and independence today.

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