Which States Allow Abortion After the Overturning of Roe v. Wade?

After the Supreme Court’s ruling in June of 2022, many Americans wondered what this overturning meant for the U.S. and each individual state. To better understand, we will unpack what this decision meant and how the states are being impacted.  An Overview of Roe v. Wade In 1973, the Supreme Court initially ruled it a […]

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COVID-19 & Undecided About Pregnancy

​The whole world right now is in a bit of a panic. Can you relate? Not only are you stressing about COVID-19, but now you just found out you’re pregnant and you’re not sure about what to do. Now what? We’re here for you! Take a deep breath and give the next few paragraphs a […]

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How Will Having a Baby Impact My Future Dreams?

Finding out you are pregnant may come as a surprise. This isn’t what you wanted, at least not now. Maybe you’re thinking: How am I going to finish college? What will my parents say? Will my boyfriend leave me? Will my job be impacted?  Learn From Others. At Liberty Women’s Clinic, we have met with […]

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