Which States Allow Abortion After the Overturning of Roe v. Wade?

Which States Allow Abortion After the Overturning of Roe v Wade? |

After the Supreme Court’s ruling in June of 2022, many Americans wondered what this overturning meant for the U.S. and each individual state. To better understand, we will unpack what this decision meant and how the states are being impacted. 

An Overview of Roe v. Wade

In 1973, the Supreme Court initially ruled it a constitutional right for women to receive elective abortions without the need for a life or health-threatening diagnosis to support their decision.

However, the Supreme Court overruled this 1973 decision in June of 2022. When this happened, the power to decide their own abortion regulation law was handed back to the people. 

Now, the people of each state will elect delegates to speak on their behalf and enforce the restrictions they wish to have on elective abortion within their own state.  

States That Ban Abortion?

Currently, there are about 13 states that have chosen total abortion bans, including Missouri, Texas, and many other southeastern states. Additionally, five others, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Utah, and Arizona, have very restrictive laws. 

States That Allow Abortion?

There are now more than ten states that allow nearly unrestricted abortion access, and five that allow abortion but with some limitations.Please look here to see a map of states that currently allow abortions or have restrictive laws as of 10/13/2022. 

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