High School and STIs

Are you a high school student studying from home this school year? Are you spending more time with your boyfriend and think you might have an STI? Learn why it’s crucial for women to have their STIs treated, and how LWC provides free limited STI testing and medication for you and your partner(s). What is […]

Will Missouri Medicaid Pay for the Abortion Pill?

An unplanned pregnancy for some women might mean adjusting the budget a bit and making a few life changes to account for a new addition to the family. However, for others, an unplanned pregnancy seems to only mean one thing — an unplanned abortion. Without health insurance and the means to care for a child, […]

My Parents Want Me to Abort. Now What?

An unintended pregnancy is an overwhelming situation. The first thing to know if someone is pressuring you to get an abortion is: no one can make you get an abortion. As the pregnant woman, you have three options to choose from: Adoption: At LWC, we consider adoption to be a gift of love originating from […]

What to expect at an LWC appointment

Whether planned or unexpected, you may have come across our website in search of answers to the questions below. Liberty Women’s Clinic offers many services and resources, but a quick summary of our top services are pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment, limited OB ultrasound, and pregnancy options information. All of our services are at […]

Free Pregnancy and STI Testing Helps You

Liberty Women’s Clinic Free STI Testing and Free Pregnancy Testing If you think you’re pregnant and don’t know where to turn, consider a pregnancy resource center near you, like Liberty Women’s Clinic. PRCs offer a wealth of vital support to women and many offer certain medical services at little to no cost.  Why pay for […]

COVID-19 & Undecided About Pregnancy

​The whole world right now is in a bit of a panic. Can you relate? Not only are you stressing about COVID-19, but now you just found out you’re pregnant and you’re not sure about what to do. Now what? We’re here for you! Take a deep breath and give the next few paragraphs a […]

Medical vs. Surgical Abortion

Unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion? Let’s take a look at medical and surgical abortions and see how they compare. It is important to know what to expect in both procedures in order to prepare yourself.  Compare medical and surgical abortions One fact medical and surgical abortions have in common is that neither happen in just […]

How will abortion impact me now and in the future?

While the gift of time is priceless when making a big decision, it’s also important to consider the various outcomes to the “forever” decisions you are considering making. Be informed and think through all possible outcomes before coming to a decision. Look at all the details of how this decision could impact you not just […]

How will having a baby change me?

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. Not only does your carefree life seem to disappear, but now you have to keep another human alive. Although this all may sound scary, and to be honest it can be, we don’t want you to walk alone in your journey. Having a baby will affect you and […]

Pregnancy: When You Don’t Know What to Do

Are you freaking out? Fear of the unknown is very real. It’s a time when you begin asking yourself questions you never imagined asking.  What will my parents think?  What will my friends say?  How would I even be able to afford a baby? When facing an unplanned pregnancy, we can find ourselves feeling so […]

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